Meet me in the alley
In the darkness of the shadows
Tell me all you’ve wanted
Show me how your haunted
Talk real low so no one will know
The mystery of us
Don’t walk with me in daylight
Dance with me at twilight
Kiss me underneath the moonlight
Let the people of the world wonder
The mystery of us
Lead me on a late night journey
We won’t have to hurry
Stroll with me down an empty street while the crickets chirp
They’ll be the only ones to know
The mystery of us
Take me to the mountain top
Show me the flickering lights down below
Just us awake, the rest of the world sound asleep
Bound by the day and all the promises they can not keep
Our little secret
our guilty pleasure
The mystery of you and I together
Tell me the dreams you have
let me know of your desires
I want to see the fire that lies beneath your skin
Never let me go into the starry night alone
Hold me against you tight
We’ll stay hidden in the shadows
No one will know
The mystery of us
Number the stars
Point me to the constellations
Play in my hair until sleep takes me
Never say goodbye only goodnight

The sun has risen
A new day begins
Tonight we’ll runaway
Tonight we are okay

The mystery of us