I lost you

I found you in the shadows hidden in the dark

I saw you there standing in a park

I called your name and asked you to come closer

You inched a step towards the light 

I let your mystery draw me in a step closer to the dark

Take my hand maybe we’ll find a better ending

Can you see together we illuminate this empty space 

I lost you in the sunlight plain as day 

Easy as you came you went 

Don’t you dare say I can’t love you

Best intentions float away without a care

Sweetheart please pretend you didn’t have a clue that i’d fall apart without you

I found you smiling at my front door hoping to be let in 

I lost you in the notes you couldn’t complete the lyrics to my song

I’ll always have a place in your heart?

That won’t catch me now I’m too smart

I let you go, I let you in, you held me back, I let you win

I let you go

I lost you

I lost you in the current drifting way down wind 

I lost you 

I ran away to find true happiness that will always be

You LOST me!