It was all good until goodbye

We talked

We laughed

We played

We leaped…

We fell

If only for the moment  we were happy

It was all good until goodbye

A connection so strong distance couldn’t separate our souls

You filled in the empty space

No more holes

It was all good until goodbye

We ended as fast as we started

Everything went well until we parted

I never believed them when they said love is blind

I ran around in circles over you

Chasing what I have yet to find

It was all good until goodbye

You made me feel alive, for once I wasn’t numb

How dumb to think I needed you to survive

Your love

It was nice, it was sweet, it was sugar, a little bit of spice

All at once you brought me back to life

Your inconsistency

It was up it was down, sometimes u didn’t want me around, neither here nor there

But leave you? I wouldn’t dare

Peel back the layers of your protection

You’d be able to find me in the trustworthy section

You won’t let your wall fall so instead we have this goodbye

You lacked the decency to even try

Why didn’t you notice it at first glance

I was always worth the chance

I’m the exception not the rule

But now all I am is a fool



The last time we kissed it’s what I tasted on your lips.

How many times did you lie?

‘I care for you, I never want to see you cry’

If it were true I wouldn’t be pouring out my heart to you

We kissed

We touched

We loved, or at least I did

And it was all good until goodbye…