Flickering lights in the dark

One moment they’re here
The next they’re gone

At first so beautiful they seem

Flickering lights in the dark

Can’t help us find our way

All the dreams you’ve dreamed have gone away

The light looks so lovely

Like he distant stars far far away

No one can reach

But we try, try, try to stay

Keep reaching for the flickering lights in the dark

Sparkling and appealing to the eye

A journey we will take to reach the forbidden light of life

On and off they flicker

Mysterious in their ways

A trick on the heart

They can’t help you when you fall apart

Flickering lights in the dark

Stretch out your arm and see they will burn you to your very soul

They are untouchable and can’t possibly be but an illusion

A trap

A snare

Flickering lights in the dark

Lights fade

Lights dim

Lights out