I hope it wasn’t love It can’t be

I couldn’t stand it

Love is so few, hate is so many

Can we only love one, or can we love twenty.

I hope it wasn’t love

If it was I don’t want it

I don’t want the memories that cycle through my mind

Always of you and I

The past isn’t so kind

The ache of wanting you can fly away

I hope it wasn’t love that burned through my soul and seared an imprint on my heart

Forever we are supposed to be apart

Why am I being so stupid I’m supposed to be smart

You come, you go, you don’t want me to stay yet you won’t let me go

I hope it wasn’t love that could be so cruel it’s supposed to be patient and kind

Feel something


Don’t be empty

Don’t be numb

But that’s all dumb

I hope it wasn’t love.

I don’t have to hope….it wasn’t