If you have an appreciation for dark twisted family stories, then you will love Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Right from the very beginning Flynn sets the tone for the entire novel, the beginning starts out ominous and foreboding. Flynn gets readers hooked right from the very beginning.
Camille Preaker is a haunted young woman who comes from a small town called Wind Gap, Missouri, that she hasn’t been back to in 8 years. She is a reporter for a small newspaper in Chicago. Fresh out of a psych hospital recovering from her self-abuse and disturbing childhood, she is assigned a case centered around two missing female children in her home town. Camille hasn’t been back since she left 8 years ago. She hadn’t wanted to deal with her neurotic mother and her spoiled doted upon 13 year old half-sister she barely knew. She returns back to Wind Gap and searches for the answers that everyone in town wanted to know. Who would take these innocent children, and are they still alive? 

“I think some women aren’t made to be mothers, and some women aren’t made to be daughters” -Camille, Sharp Objects

  With more than a few twists and turns, Flynn brings this roller coaster of a story to life. You will feel disturbed after reading it. This novel will haunt you and be on your mind days after you finish it. No one in this story is who they appear to be. 

    I don’t want to give too much about the story away, because I believe this mystery is worth solving for yourself. Head to your nearest Barnes and Noble, neighborhood bookstore, or download it onto your electronic book tablet right away before the book becomes a TV drama. You are in for one hell of a literary ride. Enjoy.