Storage room


A tangle of chains and locks 
No light gets in

No darkness seeps out

Bulletproof, titanium 

No key to be found, no willing locksmith can open 

Storage room


The only thing I posses inside an endless factory of thoughts

Hide the pain, hide the bitterness, hide the hate, hide the dissatisfaction, hide the madness 

These prisoners belong in the storage room

They belong in a box 

A box so dark, a box so tight

The only light that gets in will never feel right.

My shield, a badge of protection 

My wall of discretion 

Never look in, only look out

For the storage room will stay, it won’t open today

Don’t let them see the horror that hides inside

No one can understand the storage room, no one can crack it open

They crumble under its weight

So pack the storage room until it’s full, stack the demons in their tomb

Keep it together, keep it tight, make sure to lock them up night 

In the storage room box.