When do we realize what binds you and I?
All apart of this earth
All friends of the wind and sky

We were birthed here on this planet

One in the same

So why do we shame our sisters?

Why do we tear down our brothers?

Is your love not the same love as mine?

Do we not feel pain the same, or feel the same rain on our skin?

Let love in.

When do we stop?

Stop the hatred

The bigotry

The ignorance

Hate, murder, rape, disaster, shooting

Comes out of the stories heard on CNN

Have we gotten anywhere?

Have we learned anything from our history way back when?

Culture, color, language, race, and belief

Are all blessings from above

The free will granted 

So we can learn how to love

How we love the colors in the autumn as the leaves fall

How we love the different seasons as they change at their due time

So why is it we keep committing hate crimes

Oh when will we stop

When will you stop?

Hating the others for the differences you can see

Equality is preached but separation is what will be 

Media penetrates our minds 

We watch the world only through one lens

When will we stop?

Only when we see each other 

As the kaleidoscope of colors 

Every color a different shape morphing into one another

Each one as beautiful

Each one in unity 

It appears to me

We must stop