This world is falling apart.      

There is no more stalling that inevitable fate

Always bad news on tv

I watch and see , eyes filled with despair

Is it unfair human error or wickedness I see
It consumes me, and penetrates my mind with terrible thoughts            

‘Worst drought in history, this man raped a child‘.                                                                  Who is it?

It’s a mystery.

These are headlines I hear

Paris attacked!    

  It’s another act of terror, a terrorist attack!  

‘People running in fear’                                    

‘A bloody mess’ They said.                   

           ‘Over a hundred confirmed dead’

Anxiety grows and takes root in my heart

Cutting off air supply 

I can’t breathe

I no longer cry for the lost

Desensitized from seeing terror all the time…everywhere

It becomes too much for my anxious heart to bare 
I pretend it’s all fine,  far away, across the sea                                                

These horrible things won’t happen where I stay, they can’t happen to me

Still my anxious heart controls my head

What if I’m the next victim dead

What if the next stranger on the corner of the street 

Is the one to end my life

Will I be another unnamed person missing in action because of a masked persons fatal attraction?
I can’t stop my anxious heart from wondering

Who will be next?

When will the bomb drop?

When will the gun sound?

Who will pull the trigger?

I do not claim the rights to these pictures,