You made it.You thought you couldn’t but here you are

You’ve traveled near and far

Through hardwork, pain, and suffering

You have reached your main goal

You have lived the life you have imagined

Conquered every dragon

Jumped through every ring of fire

Sustained many burns

But through every hoop you learned

You have earned your spot in this world

You deserve the happiness you have today

Please do your best to keep it do not give it away

But share your journey

Share your heartache

Through your stories

Continue to think with your head but also leave room for your heart

Silly girl

You thought you’d never make it this far

For goodness sake

You spent all the hours of everyday

Trying to make a way

Impossible some told you

You are nothing others said

The things you thought all along whilst you lay there in your bed

You proved your tireless mind wrong

You mastered your fate

Always know dear that it’s never too late

Or too early

To be who you want to be

And who you want to be is me

Your future self