Love and Pain

She met him in a nightmare under the glow of a blood moon

Springtime air blowing the flowers off the trees

A torrential downpour of petals in the wind

Emptiness clung to her the way sand clings to the bottom of the sea

That night, with him, her body was a galaxy of a billion stars

Her mind a black hole absorbing every word he spoke

Sweet lies


She was the sun

A spark of magic

A tragic event in the history of his life

Her love pierced him like a knife

Painful and Beautiful

Her smile captured his gaze

His dream, her, a reality

He couldn’t feel the pull of gravity

In her eyes he got lost

Losing all sanity


She met him in a nightmare, her nightmare under the glow of a blood moon

She knew that soon she’d be gone

Her heart untamed

Her love wild, unclaimed


He was her moon

Shining through the darkness in her soul

She loved him with all she had

Little broken pieces of her heart

She felt the start of hope

The only thing more dangerous than fear

She wanted no attachments to keep her

She never wished to hold another’s heart in her hands

She wanted to stay up in the clouds alone; never to land



Empty Homes

We grew up in an empty home

No father to wait up for

No mother to tuck us in bed

Only shouts heard at night from behind the door where I lay my head

There was no picket fence

There were no family photos decorating the fireplace mantel


I can tell you how it felt

The only love I’d known was the discipline of the belt

We hid in the empty house

in the closet

in the attic

We stayed still

Quiet as static


Our empty house where we’d always be

Windows and doors

No light got in

No darkness came out

The house became our friend; holding all the secrets

Never telling a soul

This house kept us whole

It saw the sins of our father, and the agony of our mother

Haunted with the ghosts of what could’ve been


We grew up in an empty home that became too full

The hosts fed off of the secrets, sins, and lies

We had to cut ties

My brother and I

We lit the house on fire

We stayed to watch it burn, then played in the ashes

No one would ever know what happened in that empty home.




You Are Loved

Love, what everyone wants to have

 To bathe in the attention and affection

Such a distorted image of reality

When in reality the prince does not save the princess

The lonely shy girl does not get invited to the ball

The rich girl doesn’t fall for the poor guy

A fairy godmother won’t poof into being when you cry 

Love takes time

True love is hard, but it never fails

Don’t be fooled 

The person who abused you doesn’t love you

They love the benefit of using you

I know the lies are so sweet 

and the truth’s so bitter

Hear, listen, pay attention

You are worth more than an apology after

He said he loved you and used you and then left and abused you

See yourself in the mirror

A child of God 

See clearer

Don’t tell yourself you aren’t worthy

Don’t tell yourself you aren’t beautiful

YOU are.

Inside and out

Outside and in

You are worth it

Worth the love, worth the sacrifice

Give up what doesn’t deserve you

Set yourself free to live your best life

No person who hit you, no person who violated you, no person who told you lies while you looked into their eyes and believed them…

Can ever validate your existence..

You were created, not arbitrarily thrown together

CREATED…To be loved 

Save yourself 
Open your heart to feel.

Love isn’t love if it’s not real.