Allow me to be me

Don’t change me

Re-arranging my characteristics

To make me idealistic

I am not a dream

I never promised eternal sunshine

Sometimes it will rain

Love is pain

Avoid the urge to jump ship at the slightest hint of rough tides

I am not easy

I know this is true

But I’m worth your best chance

Worth every trial

Stay for a while

Be the opposite of me

Make up for the things I lack

One half of a whole

Love the darkest corners of my soul

Allow me to be me

Allow me to sit quietly in my library and read

I don’t need much attention

I just need you to be present

Show up when it’s important

And hug me when I cry

Love me with all my idiosyncrasies

Tell me everything will be okay but never lie

Listen to the stories I tell while we lay in bed on Sunday morning

Get to know my mind

Be kind when I panic in a crowd

Or get startled when it’s too loud

I will never be neat and tidy

My mind is a mess, a tangled up map that leads nowhere

All I can do is swear I’ll love you and never give up

If you allow me to be me