Whisper in the Wind

I told my story to the sky
Late one night
As the wind howled
And the rain fell fast
I screamed until my lungs got sore
I yelled until I couldn’t anymore
Poor unfortunate life
Too unfortunate a soul am I
To understand my voice is just a whisper in the wind


To The Lonely Souls

Here’s to the lonely souls
Who wander through life alone
Mainly unheard, secrets unspoken
Staying up after midnight
Reading quotes that explain
What they cannot say
Enemies of the crowded days
And warriors of the darkest nights
Here’s to the survivors
Who stand up strong
Piecing themselves together again and again
Singing sad songs
Refusing to conform to society’s norms
Cheers to the lonely
Hats off to the heartbroken
Awake while the whole world sleeps
Here’s to the lonely
Who see what’s hidden behind what is written



Three Bullets

Here are three bullets
Load your weapon
Take your aim
Be careful where you shoot
I’m no longer bullet proof
Here are three bullets
I give you the power to destroy
Fire at my head
And I’ll duck to the right
Shoot and pierce my heart
I’ll stand still, too weak to fight
My heart doesn’t belong to me since my love is in you
It will be your shirt that bleeds red
But that won’t kill you, you won’t be dead
Here is one bullet
The last shot to fire
Make it count
Make it quick
You think this game is sick?
I assure you there’s no game sicker,
Than the game of love
So my dear why don’t you pull the trigger?
I’m through with this
I’m done
There’s still one bullet left
Let it burn into your flesh
Then we’ll both be at rest


The Spoils of Love

FullSizeRender (6)I have found that the possibilities in life are endless. There are never any true dead ends. One harsh ending can lead to one beautiful beginning. We are always so afraid, to leap, to take chances. We are so afraid to love the wrong person. Why? Every chance, or failed attempt is a drop of courage that we absorb into our character that begins to grow mighty. Our faith will be strengthened through every trial. Even if that love you gave wasn’t reciprocated, wasn’t appreciated, at least you let yourself feel. Nothing great in life comes out of numbing yourself to the emotion of being human. Loving and expression is what makes humanity. Fear not the spoils of love, fear the monotony of life without it.