Saturday Nights

Most of the glory for people my age lies in the weekend. 20-somethings are the marvelous weekend warriors. Parties, drinking, and other revelries occur. It is July, summertime, my favorite season, and I look at Instagram photos and my friend’s snapchats, and the vacations and booze look fabulous. I, however sit here on yet another Saturday night alone finishing my research paper for my English composition 2 class. That is how it goes these days. I work all day, 5 days a week, and study/ do schoolwork at night. I have little time for anything else other than my immediate responsibilities.


I am not writing this blog post to complain. That is not the point. I am writing this to say that these are not my glory days, and I refuse to let my age tell me when that time is. My late teens and early 20’s are meant for work, and for building myself up so I can reach my goals. I do not regret my decision to work full-time and be a full-time student. The point of this post is to up build others who experience the same thing as I do. You are not alone. It sucks to feel like you are the only one who isn’t out there “experiencing” life. We, as we build our careers, our finances, and our families are not missing out on something. We are where we are supposed to be in this moment in time. So let us build our lives to enjoy 7 days a week, rather than just Saturday night. Let us have our own private dance party in between studying chapters in a psychology book, changing diapers, or budgeting our funds to save up for a home.

There is no shame in not being free to do as you fancy. My time is coming, your time is coming, and it will be better than we could ever imagine. All the things you want are right around the corner. So friends and readers of this blog I urge you to push further, study harder, and be the best you that you can be. I assure you the world isn’t ready for you yet. May there be many more Saturday nights ahead.




Im in Love


I’m in so in love that I can’t contain it. I smile at the thought. I am in love with the way the ocean kisses the sand on a hot summer day. I’m in love with places I’ve seen and others where I’ve never been. I’m in love with the sky and how sun rays can gleam through the spaces between clouds on a seemingly gloomy day. I am in love with the mountains and the rivers that flow off of cliffs. I am in love with the stranger sitting next to me smiling at their rambunctious toddler. Mostly, I am in love with me. I am in love with my body enough so that I keep it healthy. I am in love with my spirit, so I keep it alive in prayer. I am in love with my mind so I educate it, and challenge the limits I set myself. I am in love with my heart, so I protect it from those who will harm it. I take love and I give it out. No commitments. No expectations. I do not need one person to love me, for I love life and life loves me back. I am thoughtlessly, and happily engaged to the possibilities of the present time and the moments of my uncertain future. Love doesn’t choose us, we choose it. What are you in love with?


What She Wanted

She didn’t want to be looked at and merely desired by him. No, she wanted to be seen deep down to her soul. When he entered a crowded party, she wanted his eyes to search for hers. Words would never be enough to fill the space between them. She didn’t want to hear about how they were connected, she wanted to feel it. She knew if she did then there would be enough sparks to set the entire world on fire. For that was the way she liked it–burning.


I’ll Be Missing You


It started with goodbye and ended with hello
It’s not backwards
It’s upside right
You have to leave, you have to go
I’ll stay here missing you during my busiest day
And all through my sleepless nights
I never wanted to see you leave
But you told me you’d be back
I know this isn’t where we end
This is where we start
For now we must part
So goodbye for now,
So long.
I’ll see you later.
Until next time…
I’ll be missing you.