I’m in so in love that I can’t contain it. I smile at the thought. I am in love with the way the ocean kisses the sand on a hot summer day. I’m in love with places I’ve seen and others where I’ve never been. I’m in love with the sky and how sun rays can gleam through the spaces between clouds on a seemingly gloomy day. I am in love with the mountains and the rivers that flow off of cliffs. I am in love with the stranger sitting next to me smiling at their rambunctious toddler. Mostly, I am in love with me. I am in love with my body enough so that I keep it healthy. I am in love with my spirit, so I keep it alive in prayer. I am in love with my mind so I educate it, and challenge the limits I set myself. I am in love with my heart, so I protect it from those who will harm it. I take love and I give it out. No commitments. No expectations. I do not need one person to love me, for I love life and life loves me back. I am thoughtlessly, and happily engaged to the possibilities of the present time and the moments of my uncertain future. Love doesn’t choose us, we choose it. What are you in love with?