You asked the world “where’d the love go?”
You asked the world for mercy on your tired soul.
You asked and yet the world did not answer.

So you took the bricks it threw, and let it bury you
You can move a little
You still have some wiggle room
Yet you lay there still
Staring at the sun until night falls and the moon comes
Anticipating a miracle
Your bones are being crushed
Your body has been bruised
You still stay there immovable
Until a stranger comes and says to you
“Oh dear, why are you laying here?”
You think for a while and say
“I’ve got no choice these bricks won’t move so here’s where I’ll stay.”
The stranger looks perplexed and exclaims “Surely that may be that these bricks are upon your chest, but child your arms and legs are free!”
“Yes sir that is true, but they are too heavy to move aside” you reply.
“How would you know if you haven’t even tried?”