We hideaway behind padlocked doors

Sleeping soundly in our beds

Saying a quiet prayer at night to clear our worrisome heads

We plea with God to not let the cruelty reach us

But it is already beneath our skin


This is the way it is

This is the world we live in

This wonderful place, overflowing with sin

Sin, that seeps into the crevices of our souls

Breathing with us every breath


We hideaway behind our houses, cars, and clothes

Consuming at twice the rate we should

Buying, and buying just to make ourselves feel good

Needs are met and our wants never end

We hideaway behind a smile covered in makeup

When will we wake up

We only see a limited perception of what our masks allow

How do we not realize we are cast in a show?


This is the way it is.

We hide from the evil we know

We fear the murderers, rapists, terrorists, and thieves

Pointing our fingers

Spewing our judgements

What if I told you the enemy is within,

And the people you hide from are your friends?