Welcome to the circus

Welcome to the freak show

Come and play

You don’t know what you’re missing

Prepare to entertain

I promise just one game

If you impress, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame

Capture their hearts and you’ll reach their pockets


Welcome to the circus

All fun and games

You’re a special one

You’re not the same

Show the world your tricks

Come on– just for kicks


I’ll paint you on a face

Just clown around for a little bit

The ringleader would be happy

I assure you, he’ll be pleased

Stop being such a tease


Welcome to the circus

I’m no fortune teller and I don’t want to sound mean

But your circus sounds a lot like dating in 2016

Behold the bearded woman and the strongest man alive!

Here are your contenders

They are all a part of the show!

They can be your puppets

Pull on all their strings

But don’t awaken the lion

He does horrid things


Welcome to the circus,

Welcome to love….what a joke.