Words have always been easy for me. I fall in love with beautiful wording. The way words fit together like matching puzzle pieces is pure magic. Words are the difference between a tragedy and a tumultuous journey. Words bridge the gap between love and lust. Words change the way we feel and manipulate our deepest emotions that we believed were hidden away never to come to the surface again.

People say words lie, but if you look closely you’ll find all universal truths. There is something about poetry, and writing that makes all of us more of who we want to be. Spoken words fail us all the time because it is much harder to hear the truth rather than to read it. My stories and poetry come to life as the black ink on the page fades from mere letters arranged into words, sentences, and paragraphs into a real breathing work of love. I’m sure strangers know me better through my words than those who I’ve had one hundred conversations with. This is where to find my wants and my needs. Here is where people can explore my dreams, and find out about the loneliness of unrequited love.

That’s all it is. Love. The most complex, yet simple word in all languages. My hope is that everyone finds a piece of themselves in my writing, even pieces that they perhaps didn’t even know they had. These words are empty, but they are alive.


You Are A Tragedy

You are a tragedy

A charming tempter with a devilish smile

An earthquake shaking things up,

Turning them upside down

No way was I looking for you, but you are what I found

I’ve always had a thing for tragic flaws

So I answered your persistent calls


You are a tragedy

A most certain hell

Cunning and secretive

Holding in lies you’d never tell

Exploiting every goddamn weakness

What an insane idea to want a taste of the poison that dripped seamlessly from your lips

But words were never enough to fill the empty space in between your darkness and mine

No love existed in your winter cold eyes

I should’ve known better

I should have cut off all ties


I wanted to cry for your sins and mine

If I opened the floodgates I feared they’d never shut

Now you’re gone

All we have is what was between hello and goodbye

You were a tragedy

One hurricane of a person

Ruining everything you touched


You’re so tragically flawed

Yet so wonderfully made

You started off with goodness

Please tell me when that started to fade


Sad Song

These days drag on like a never ending sad song

The one you play over and over again to fill the silence

All we have is this this terrifying, exciting, beautiful present moment in time

The future is unsure and our past is long gone

The ache in the hollow parts of our soul seem like they will last forever

But I swear to you, you will get better


The sad song strums on your heartstrings

Tearing you apart with every chord

Putting you back together with every rift

This sad song is your life

And your life is a gift


No person in this universe nor any pain in your body

Can take your spirit and steal the YOU that lies within

The sad song may play

And you may keep it on repeat

But you’ll know when you’re ready to let go

Only when you begin to dance along to the slow beat