I can see you thinking

Your thoughts drive you insane

And you set yourself on fire

Only to find the things that will extinguish your flame

You’re sick with the dreamers disease

You can’t seem to find where you are meant to be

You are bound to this place 

When all you really want is to be free

Your heart is far too soft 

For a world this hard

Your disposition remains sweet

Although your attitude may sometimes sour

Don’t lose yourself

To become someone else

There’s something about your inner power

It’s how I know you’re worth the fight

You can find the light

You’ve got a reason to try

I’ll take your hand and walk with you through the darkest night 

Hold onto me and watch your spark re-ignite

Promise me you won’t give up to live a lie

There are too many paper people who aren’t open to feel

Why be in love if it isn’t real?

And what’s life without love or hope without dreams?

We can do more than cope with life, the future is better than it seems

Keep on keeping on until you’re cured of the dreamer’s disease.