I missed these clouds.

Not the sparse fluffy white ones that you gaze up at on a partially sunny day in the lush green grass, with a lover and decide what shapes they resemble. I missed the dark storm clouds that tumbled in over the hills and swallowed them whole. Today the rain falls hard and fast all around me,pounding on the pavement as I run as fast as I can toward nowhere, feeling everything. Like the clouds, I absorb. I absorb the hurt, the pain, the love, the beauty, and the very insanity that I yearn to let out. I collect these moments, these memories, and most of all I collect the lies that I’ve been told. They sit inside of me crushing my lungs and weighing down my body. The sun shines often these days that I collect. I like the sun because I can hide under its light, no one can see my shade. It dries up my desires, soothing my mind while burning into my skin. Although I love the sun, I grow tired of its constant torment day after day. These clouds bring me back to life as the months of drought finally weigh them down and they explode into a tumultuous downpour of water that washes me clean. Here is where I can let go as the rhythm of my footsteps speed up to match pitch with the rain. Now is when the tears fall and I release to begin to collect again.