Once upon a time
The princess stayed locked in a tower
And the dragon seared the prince with his mighty fire
The girl with the red hood knew the wolf was a liar
Sad to say Pinocchio was used as firewood to keep Geppetto warm
And jack got eaten by the giant
While beauty was beaten by the beast


Once upon a time

Souls weren’t saved and brought into the light
No one in this place found goodness worth the fight
Evil prevailed but the villains looked the same as you and I

Once upon a time
Three clicks of your heels wouldn’t get you home
Never mind a red headed mermaid with a comb
The sleeping curse was one you couldn’t reverse
Because true loves kiss didn’t exist
You think Alice went to wonderland, are you mad? The girl was just strung out
No way she hung out with Cheshire Cat or a crazy man with many hats

Our new reality is an enchanting sight
The age of robots
Tin men and women on the yellow brick road
Eyes all glued to a screen
Waiting for red hearts to appear
One million hearts wouldn’t be enough to make you queen
All for temporary boosts of self-esteem

Wishing upon a star won’t get you far
A fairy with a wand can’t make you look better than you are
A filter can but you won’t find the fountain of youth
It belongs to Peter Pan

Reality is a cynics swimming pool
Ignorance is bliss made for a fool