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Blank Sheets Haunt Me

I wanted to walk awayTurn my back and pretend you hadn’t just set all my emotions off track

I wanted to forget the late night conversations that awakened my spirt with palpitations.

I wanted to walk away

Turn my back and act like substance is what we lacked

I wanted to blame you for letting my feelings continue to grow

I did blame you because I knew what I felt had started to show

You know me well and every time I got to close you pulled away, but not too much because I think your heart actually wanted you to stay

I wanted to walk away maybe I needed to or maybe my lesson was to love more than I hurt

and find out if time would expound on our off and on flirt.

I couldn’t walk away because your heart is in mine and finally I think that’s…

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I’m just trying to find somewhere that feels like home. A place to be comfortable and look up at the sky knowing it won’t all  come crashing down in the blink of an eye. I tried to climb the highest mountain to see what I have yet to find, but all I see is smoke that hazes out the direction I want to go in. I tried to run fast enough to take off into the sky, but gravity kept me down. My skin was stretched too tight and nothing ever fits the way I feel. For now I have the labyrinth of mirrors that reflects back a person I do not recognize, but I’ll race through that maze as fast as I can trying to find the light. I’m just trying to find somewhere that feels like home. I am trying to find you.