Never created Can’t be destroyed Lips touch Skin to skin Electrical currents From you to me Organic and unbreakable Bonded by energy Cursed by time  


  I sit under a velvet blanket of stars And I feel magnetic Something draws me to the sky Free of gravity and attachment It’s hard to explain how I love And I love in silence   Feelings are visitors Time is a metaphor to me Nothing is on time and nothing is late There…


All we ever say is sorry Sorry for how we feel For how we make each other hurt Sorry for the skeletons that live in dark closets We didn’t talk about that, I’m sorry I am sorry I allowed you back here But I must’ve missed the venom from your lips You must’ve missed the…

False Hope

Sparks on my fingertips Tingling lips You linger on me Long after you’re gone It feels a lot like magic A lot like kiss me again Before our inevitable end   Resurrect my feelings again Give me false hope You must like watching me die Go in for another kill For you I’ll stay completely…

Not Mine

My body goes up in flames Ignited by the touch of your hand I should want my sanity more than I want you But I’d rather burn with you than freeze by myself Tell me one more time, baby, how you’re not mine to keep