Museum inspired writing 

I leave tonight, half past midnight. I will get on a boat. I will float away into the dark horizon. I shall never return, I will never step foot in this place again. Everyone sees me as a wicked girl. Selfish, is what my family would say. I don’t do what they want. I can’t live as a phony. I won’t be put together like the other girls. I won’t curtsy and smile to hide the pain. I sure as hell will not marry to unite my family with that of a cold blooded murderer. 
The villagers say it was an accident. The constable reported he tripped and fell off that bridge and banged his head. I know what really happened that night, and what happened was no accident. I will find who did this and avenge my fathers death. 
I needed a ticket out, for a women cannot leave even if she has a passport if she is not in the company of a man to protect her. I found someone to lead me through the city, and escape the borders of this place. I had to lie. I could not tell my lifelong friend, who loved me more than I loved he, what was really going on. I told him I was expecting a child, and that before I was to marry that summer I had to get rid of it. I knew he would comply for fear of telling and being accused of associating with a wretch like me. Or worse people may think he was the father. What a disgrace that’d be? A prominent future lawyer expecting a bastard child with a whore. Although he really need not worry since none of what I said to him was true. I felt a slight tinge of guilt, but my anger overpowered me. I would have done whatever it took to seek vengeance for my father, my first love. 

Tonight we sail away, hand in hand. I’ll be disguised in grandiose clothing that William stole from his eldest sister, complete with a mask to make sure no one recognizes me. We will look like a regular couple leaving a ball to take a stroll on the bay, intoxicated with young love. The perfect plan for the perfect escape. 


Museum Inspired Poems #1

Dreams of the day

Monotony of the night

No matter what I do to dance off the demons

They fight against me

They sit beside me 

Dampening my will

Darkening my soul

Fight through the pain

Leap over the depression

Plié the bad thoughts away

Dark maiden beside me leave me be

There’s no room for doubts

This bench isn’t big enough for two

Walk back into the rainy night from which you came 

I will achieve my fame 

My ankle is sore, my heart is aching 

Tonight I will twirl

Tonight I will show a grand cabriole 

Women in black 


Demon in black get out of here

Go away