Big Dipper

Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight as she told him she loved him for the very first time. Her eyes were the camera that captured his heart and soul the first time she blinked in his direction. The sky was clear and free of clouds as the big dipper sat above their heads, deep humidity caused her cheeks to glow like diamonds. She was the beginning and everything in between. He could tell she was unsure if he loved her back. Sure, he was no shower of emotions, but all his time was spent with her, or thinking about her. She had to know that, and he had committed his life to making sure she knew. He couldn’t tell her with words because he knew they would never even be a fraction of enough. He danced with her, kissed her, and held her hand like it was the missing piece of a puzzle that only fit with his. Now she’s gone, and he wished that the big dipper scooped them up from the ground that night, just the two of them floating amongst the stars, stuck in an infinite moment of love that time could never tear apart.


Museum Inspired Poems #1

Dreams of the day

Monotony of the night

No matter what I do to dance off the demons

They fight against me

They sit beside me 

Dampening my will

Darkening my soul

Fight through the pain

Leap over the depression

Plié the bad thoughts away

Dark maiden beside me leave me be

There’s no room for doubts

This bench isn’t big enough for two

Walk back into the rainy night from which you came 

I will achieve my fame 

My ankle is sore, my heart is aching 

Tonight I will twirl

Tonight I will show a grand cabriole 

Women in black 


Demon in black get out of here

Go away