Echoes of his voice rang in her mind
Perhaps he didn’t belong to this world
He was full and conflicted with the energy of the stars while everyone else was sorely empty
His sublime mind calmed the winds of her storm
But his heart absorbed too much like a sponge that swallowed the sea



My mind is made up of ribbons

My heart is tied with ropes

The years have worn on their edges causing them to fray

Untie the knots and let the ribbons fly

Undress my mind, pull it apart and see what you find

If you dare get close enough to touch

Maybe my eyes can’t see what’s in front of me

I looked too far into the future staring too closely at the sun

You have to exist somewhere

In the space between trees

Across the waves of the seven seas

There has to be you….there has to be the one that will make me come undone


Too Much of Not Enough

Balance to me is just a beam

And happiness is never what it seems

I’m always too sad or too excited

Too much of nothing or not enough of something

I always miss the mark by a half of a percent

And if I try and punch a hole in a wall it ends up with just a dent


I don’t say enough of what’s on my heart because I exist too much in my head

I can’t recall much of what I’ve said

Quantities are a mere suggestion

Time is not in my possession


I’m a weed that choked the whole garden until it was dead

I just keep growing and spreading like a virus

So I swallow my light so it doesn’t get too bright

It ticks inside of me like a bomb ready to explode

Pardon my manners it’s just I’m afraid to be alive

And I don’t know what to do or how to thrive…..

When I only exist between being too much of not enough.


I lost you

I lost you

I found you in the shadows hidden in the dark

I saw you there standing in a park

I called your name and asked you to come closer

You inched a step towards the light 

I let your mystery draw me in a step closer to the dark

Take my hand maybe we’ll find a better ending

Can you see together we illuminate this empty space 

I lost you in the sunlight plain as day 

Easy as you came you went 

Don’t you dare say I can’t love you

Best intentions float away without a care

Sweetheart please pretend you didn’t have a clue that i’d fall apart without you

I found you smiling at my front door hoping to be let in 

I lost you in the notes you couldn’t complete the lyrics to my song

I’ll always have a place in your heart?

That won’t catch me now I’m too smart

I let you go, I let you in, you held me back, I let you win

I let you go

I lost you

I lost you in the current drifting way down wind 

I lost you 

I ran away to find true happiness that will always be

You LOST me!