People always equate helplessness to drowning
Not in a puddle or a pool
But in a universe of salty water
Waves ravenously swallow you whole as though you were never there at all
It’s the undertow of life we get stuck in
Drowning endlessly as the sun shimmers off of the blue water
The world continues to breath and rotate in the way it always has
Fire cannot accurately explain the way it feels to be okay with fading away
Maybe I am the ocean
And life is me


Paper Doll

I’m just a doll

Cut and trimmed just right

You’ll want to put me in your pocket

Not to keep me safe

But to hide me away

Where I’ll stay a secret
I’m just a doll cut from white paper

One out of many

My thoughts aren’t worth a penny

I wasn’t created to feel

After all I’m not real
I’m a paper doll with a paper heart living in a paper town with paper people

No blood courses through my veins

You think I feel no pain

You don’t know I’ve been crumpled up

Thrown away when I won’t play in the puppet show
Caught by a new game

It’s always the same

Be careful

One more tug on my paper heart

I may tear apart

After all I’m just a paper¬†doll¬†