An Adventure

One of them was a comfort zone, a home I could rely on, keeping me stuck to the ground while my mind floated away. But my goodness the other one was an adventure. With him I saw it all from the tops of the highest mountains. I didn’t want to grow within him, as him, I wanted to grow because of him. Flowers never bloom without the rays of the sun, and with him I dared to step outside of all I’ve ever known.


Red DressĀ 

The girl with no name

The girl with the shame

Wears the red dress

So everyone can see

What a disgrace she seems to be

No hiding

No crying

She looks down knowing that they know

The secrets she’s kept 

The demons she hides

She won’t tilt her head up to look anyone in their eyes

As long as she wears the red dress

She will be alone

No love to call her own

It was a white dress

A wolf turned red

The night she took a stroll through the midnight city

Red, a scarlet color of blood 

Drained out of her, until her skin was white and her dress was red

A defining mark 

Victim of the beast

Don’t ever walk alone in the dark

Now she waits, now she wanders

In the hazy moonlight hours 

Stricken in her sorrow

Knowing she shall never see tomorrow

No light she will see 

No color she will see

None but the blackness of night and the crimson of her dress