Echoes of his voice rang in her mind
Perhaps he didn’t belong to this world
He was full and conflicted with the energy of the stars while everyone else was sorely empty
His sublime mind calmed the winds of her storm
But his heart absorbed too much like a sponge that swallowed the sea


Too Much of Not Enough

Balance to me is just a beam

And happiness is never what it seems

I’m always too sad or too excited

Too much of nothing or not enough of something

I always miss the mark by a half of a percent

And if I try and punch a hole in a wall it ends up with just a dent


I don’t say enough of what’s on my heart because I exist too much in my head

I can’t recall much of what I’ve said

Quantities are a mere suggestion

Time is not in my possession


I’m a weed that choked the whole garden until it was dead

I just keep growing and spreading like a virus

So I swallow my light so it doesn’t get too bright

It ticks inside of me like a bomb ready to explode

Pardon my manners it’s just I’m afraid to be alive

And I don’t know what to do or how to thrive…..

When I only exist between being too much of not enough.



Dreamer’s Disease

I can see you thinking

Your thoughts drive you insane

And you set yourself on fire

Only to find the things that will extinguish your flame

You’re sick with the dreamers disease

You can’t seem to find where you are meant to be

You are bound to this place 

When all you really want is to be free

Your heart is far too soft 

For a world this hard

Your disposition remains sweet

Although your attitude may sometimes sour

Don’t lose yourself

To become someone else

There’s something about your inner power

It’s how I know you’re worth the fight

You can find the light

You’ve got a reason to try

I’ll take your hand and walk with you through the darkest night 

Hold onto me and watch your spark re-ignite

Promise me you won’t give up to live a lie

There are too many paper people who aren’t open to feel

Why be in love if it isn’t real?

And what’s life without love or hope without dreams?

We can do more than cope with life, the future is better than it seems

Keep on keeping on until you’re cured of the dreamer’s disease.



You Are A Tragedy

You are a tragedy

A charming tempter with a devilish smile

An earthquake shaking things up,

Turning them upside down

No way was I looking for you, but you are what I found

I’ve always had a thing for tragic flaws

So I answered your persistent calls


You are a tragedy

A most certain hell

Cunning and secretive

Holding in lies you’d never tell

Exploiting every goddamn weakness

What an insane idea to want a taste of the poison that dripped seamlessly from your lips

But words were never enough to fill the empty space in between your darkness and mine

No love existed in your winter cold eyes

I should’ve known better

I should have cut off all ties


I wanted to cry for your sins and mine

If I opened the floodgates I feared they’d never shut

Now you’re gone

All we have is what was between hello and goodbye

You were a tragedy

One hurricane of a person

Ruining everything you touched


You’re so tragically flawed

Yet so wonderfully made

You started off with goodness

Please tell me when that started to fade


The Circus

Welcome to the circus

Welcome to the freak show

Come and play

You don’t know what you’re missing

Prepare to entertain

I promise just one game

If you impress, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame

Capture their hearts and you’ll reach their pockets


Welcome to the circus

All fun and games

You’re a special one

You’re not the same

Show the world your tricks

Come on– just for kicks


I’ll paint you on a face

Just clown around for a little bit

The ringleader would be happy

I assure you, he’ll be pleased

Stop being such a tease


Welcome to the circus

I’m no fortune teller and I don’t want to sound mean

But your circus sounds a lot like dating in 2016

Behold the bearded woman and the strongest man alive!

Here are your contenders

They are all a part of the show!

They can be your puppets

Pull on all their strings

But don’t awaken the lion

He does horrid things


Welcome to the circus,

Welcome to love….what a joke.