You were all my merry-go-round; different animals stuck to the ground taking me for a ride that ultimately always left me in the same place. I am nowhere now, dizzy and confused. For some reason I can’t help but decide to get back on and take another ride. It’s like my life isn’t full and my heart is not complete until I’m stabbed one more time with the certainty of a most unpleasant goodbye. Take me around and around where my feet won’t touch the ground.



I am made of dust
The stuff that comes from stars
I am the matter that comes from distant galaxies
Incredible isn’t it?
Marvelous some would say
It’s unfair you see
Because there isn’t anyone out there to love me
Two souls were supposed to be created from one
To go together perfectly just as the moon and the sun
For me, there is no prize to be won
Besides the improbability of the reckless heart
You and I were meant to stay apart
I can tell you need someone to love your sadness away
I’ve tried and I’ve tried
Letting you push me aside
I don’t need to be lied to
I’m not the girl who deadened the love inside of you

I am the girl who’s made of dust
The stuff that comes from stars
Who was created to love the broken
And heal their battle scars
Not so they can love me in return
Rather so they can learn to one day love again
A cursed life, isn’t it?
A bloody hell some would say—to be born with an abundance of love
And an immense need to give it away
But I assure you there are much worse games to play

I am not special to anyone
No one thinks of me beyond the day
For I am only made of dust
The stuff that comes from stars