Billions of stars glinted above our heads

Some fell from the sky

Behind the mountains

Into the lake

Making wishes come true

That night I lay on the roof of a car with you

Absorbing energy–

Passing time

Insignificant in comparison to space

The best soulmates are friends like this

Infinite as the galaxies






I am made of dust
The stuff that comes from stars
I am the matter that comes from distant galaxies
Incredible isn’t it?
Marvelous some would say
It’s unfair you see
Because there isn’t anyone out there to love me
Two souls were supposed to be created from one
To go together perfectly just as the moon and the sun
For me, there is no prize to be won
Besides the improbability of the reckless heart
You and I were meant to stay apart
I can tell you need someone to love your sadness away
I’ve tried and I’ve tried
Letting you push me aside
I don’t need to be lied to
I’m not the girl who deadened the love inside of you

I am the girl who’s made of dust
The stuff that comes from stars
Who was created to love the broken
And heal their battle scars
Not so they can love me in return
Rather so they can learn to one day love again
A cursed life, isn’t it?
A bloody hell some would say—to be born with an abundance of love
And an immense need to give it away
But I assure you there are much worse games to play

I am not special to anyone
No one thinks of me beyond the day
For I am only made of dust
The stuff that comes from stars


Love and Pain

She met him in a nightmare under the glow of a blood moon

Springtime air blowing the flowers off the trees

A torrential downpour of petals in the wind

Emptiness clung to her the way sand clings to the bottom of the sea

That night, with him, her body was a galaxy of a billion stars

Her mind a black hole absorbing every word he spoke

Sweet lies


She was the sun

A spark of magic

A tragic event in the history of his life

Her love pierced him like a knife

Painful and Beautiful

Her smile captured his gaze

His dream, her, a reality

He couldn’t feel the pull of gravity

In her eyes he got lost

Losing all sanity


She met him in a nightmare, her nightmare under the glow of a blood moon

She knew that soon she’d be gone

Her heart untamed

Her love wild, unclaimed


He was her moon

Shining through the darkness in her soul

She loved him with all she had

Little broken pieces of her heart

She felt the start of hope

The only thing more dangerous than fear

She wanted no attachments to keep her

She never wished to hold another’s heart in her hands

She wanted to stay up in the clouds alone; never to land


Flickering lights

Flickering lights in the dark

One moment they’re here
The next they’re gone

At first so beautiful they seem

Flickering lights in the dark

Can’t help us find our way

All the dreams you’ve dreamed have gone away

The light looks so lovely

Like he distant stars far far away

No one can reach

But we try, try, try to stay

Keep reaching for the flickering lights in the dark

Sparkling and appealing to the eye

A journey we will take to reach the forbidden light of life

On and off they flicker

Mysterious in their ways

A trick on the heart

They can’t help you when you fall apart

Flickering lights in the dark

Stretch out your arm and see they will burn you to your very soul

They are untouchable and can’t possibly be but an illusion

A trap

A snare

Flickering lights in the dark

Lights fade

Lights dim

Lights out